Driven to the Edge

Cross Country Challenge Event


Event Outline

Welcome to the first AWDC Driven to the Edge event. This is an endurance event based on a point to point format that combines cross country tracks and special winch challenge sections. We hope you will enjoy the format.

Based at Walter’s Arena in South Wales the event will consist of a number of timed laps. Each lap will be approximately 8 miles long and will contain 4 special challenge sections linked by a defined route along cross-country tracks. The overall mileage will be in the region of 60 miles.

It is not an extreme challenge event nor is it about flat-out top speed. It will challenge your driving skills both in the special challenge sections and along the tracks. Although Walter’s Arena will be familiar to many we have tried to use tracks that have not been used recently. We are also looking at other sites for future events.

We have designed Driven to the Edge for all specification of vehicles but in particular we hope that the event will appeal to the clubman competitor who wants to try some a little different. Most importantly we hope that you will have fun and enjoy the event.

The object of the event is to complete each lap within the maximum lap time without incurring any additional time penalties. The overall winner will be the competitor with the lowest total time over all the laps. The most successful competitors will be the ones who best combine the need to keep their vehicle going throughout the event but manage to get round as quickly as possible. The fastest competitors over the first few laps may not make it to the end. The story of the tortoise and the hare springs to mind!

You will need to successfully reach a punch within each Special Challenge Section. Each Special Challenge Section will be as large as the terrain allows and to avoid blockages even more there will be a number of different punches within each section. But you can only visit each punch once. Some punches may be easier to get to than others but they may have more vehicles trying to reach them so will it be better to go for a more difficult punch with no other vehicles trying or wait for the easier punch? Do you go for the easier punch first or save it for later laps? You may well need to winch through parts of the Special Challenge Sections, too.

There will also be “By-pass Routes” around the Special Challenge Sections. These are there to allow vehicles with mechanical problems a way around a section so that they can get back to the pits for repair. However using these routes do carry time penalties as the object of the exercise is to complete all the Special Challenge Sections. A competitor who completes all the Special Challenge Sections within the maximum lap time is likely finish in a higher position than someone who needs to use a by-pass route. We wanted to have a by-pass route, though, to give every competitor a chance to get back to the pits to repair any problems and get going again. This should further reduce the chance of blockages in the Special Challenge Sections.

There are 4 classes; super production, to cater for more standard vehicles and three classes for prototypes, including one for vehicles with hydrosteer.

The event will start at midday on Saturday as we want to maximise the daylight available and scrutineering will be on both Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. The event is open to anyone with a suitable vehicle. Competitors will need to be members of AWDC or one of the invited clubs: the Welsh Xtrem, YOC4x4 and ALRC. Full details of the event are on the AWDC website or contact:

Chris Bowler on 01570 471131 (Clerk of the Course)

Vic Palmer 02392 664637 (technical queries)

Gwen Adair on 07979 010332 (event information)

We hope you enjoy the event and we look forward to seeing you in November.